Bookmark: Bioinformatics education should start in High school

12 Sep

Computer DNAXconomy|Seattle publishes an opinion from Jodie Spitze where the question about the crossroad between biology and computer science is adressed:

In this digital age, one of the areas that should be most exciting to students is the intersection between technology and biology. Public databases store an abundance of biological data and a variety of programs enable this data to be searched, compared, and visualized. Termed bioinformatics, researchers use these capabilities to understand and treat genetic conditions, discern evolutionary relationships, and learn about how cancer cells differ from normal cells. What is especially exciting is that this technology is available to all, including high school students.

So why is bioinformatics rarely included in biology courses?

Nice analysis, recommended reading!


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Publié par le 12 septembre 2010 dans Bookmark, Science


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