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[Brevia] The weed genome gets sequenced!

Well, here comes Mary Jane with her brand new friends Medicinal Genomics and 454馃檪 Medicinal Genomics announced it has sequenced the entire genomes of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica (two strains of the therapeutic plant). They were using Roche鈥檚 GS FLX+ System to do so.
At the same time, I was browsing the last issue of Nature Reviews Genetics and spotting the title Technology: Getting Moore from DNA sequencing. Oh yes, for sure!

I find this totally awesome, of course 馃檪 One of the good points is very pragmatic (and reassuring for sceptical fashionistas), as you may see it below:

This shoe is totally made out of cannabis 馃檪

Sources: Oneras (CC-by-SA 2.0) & abaransk (CC-by-NC-ND 2.0)

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Science Blogging at the EMBO Meeting 2011!

Ahoi, ahoi. I know, I’m not writing that much anymore, this is bad, sad, etc.

But this will be very soonish subject to change! Awesome news: I was selected to be ‘certified blogger’ at the EMBO Meeting 馃榾 I’ll also have a poster there, in the ‘Microbiology’ section. Lastly, since I’ll be finishing my PhD in precisely 1 year from now, I’ll attend several sessions at the Career Development Day to improve my job-searching abilities 馃槈

The program looks really great and I am very much looking forward to attending some of the workshops dedicated on ‘Genome Evolution’, ‘Hosts & Microbes’ and — of course — Melissa Hines’s lecture on ‘Women In Science’! Naturally, you’ll hear from me on these topics.

The EMBO Meeting 2011If you want to apply, please do: the deadline was exceptionally extended to August 15.

See you in Vienna then!

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