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How do we make DIYBio sustainable?

At December 13th’s SoNYC discussion, hosted by Nature Publishing Group (NPG), a panel will discuss the growth of DIY science, describing some of the opportunities it presents and looking towards the future. The conversation will cover the challenges faced by DIY science enthusiasts, such as safety and accurate data collection, as well as the ways to deal with these concerns within an online world of support. In the build up to this event, the folks at NPG are publishing a mini-series of guest posts from DIY science tinkerers, amateur astronomers, enablers, as well as educators interested in this field. Follow the online chatter using the #DIYSci hashtag and feel free to share your own experiences.

This post is cross-posted on the SpotOn blog and published on’s ‘Beyond the Lab’.

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Bookmark: Links, links, and more links

Here are some very nice postings to read (I have read all of them, so I can say they are really interesting 🙂 ):

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Bookmark: « It’s brutal, the funding situation has ended lots of careers »

A very interesting insight into funding procedures comes in the latest Nature. This 3-page testimonial by Kendall Powell describes a decisionary session at the American Cancer Society (ACS), the largest private non-profit funding agency for cancer research in the US. Recommended reading and lots of food for the brain…

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