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The Genetic Fatality of What You Are

This morning while checking my Twitter feed, I stumbled upon a tweet on the « internet addiction gene ». My reaction was: « Have pity. Please ». Thankfully, some people have had spare time to write and dismiss such a scientific breakthrough. It is perhaps a question of timing — all the very recent hysteria about how ENCODE unveiled the indispensability of « junk DNA » just got a bit on my nerves. I’ve written about this elsewhere, so would prefer to skip it here and focus on the ultimate honour for people like me (i.e., geneticists): identifying « the gene of [insert some word here] ».

Actually, I’m pretty committed to do all my best and discover no « gene of ». Before coming to the concrete reasons why, let me list the top ranking « gene of » below.

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The futur of biotech patents – part 1

Gene in prisonWhat is the futur (if any) of biotech patents? What did the Bilski ruling change? Did it change something at all? I’m not a specialist, but I’ll give it a try. First, this posting will adress the question about the definition of what patenting the living means. In another one, I’ll try to go more into some historical details and their importance for the futur of biotech patents.

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