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Podcasts from the EMBO Meeting 2010 now available

As you already read it, I attended the EMBO Meeting 2010 in Barcelona. I briefly blogged about some of the conferences (check reminder below). The podcasts of some of the keynotes are now available here featuring:

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On savvy and groups

CollaborationA report was published in Science last week titled « Evidence for a collective intelligence factor in the performance of human groups ». They set up the « c factor », for collective intelligence, somehow a parallel of the g (for general intelligence. I told a bit about this after Prof. Haier’s conference at the EMBO meeting). In brief, what the authors report, is that individual intelligence of people constituting a group (a team) is not correlated with the success of the team to solve a problem. Further, when extending the tests, it came up that having more women in the team increases the so called « social sensitivity » and improves performance. Groovy, eh?

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EMBO meeting special session: The intelligent brain – does sexe matter?

BrainThis is a summary of the talk Prof. Richard Haier gave on September 6 titled The new science of intelligence: men, women and brains. There are various things I do not agree with. However, I will not comment them in this posting to let everybody read what Prof. Haier said and not what I think about what he said.

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