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The Freefall of the Egyptian Judiciary

This opinion was wrote back in August of this year. For some reason, the editor for where it was aimed at being published just didn’t take care of it until now. Given the recent developments in the country, this is really a pity for his website. This said, I like the piece (yes, it happens to me that I like what I write), so I didn’t feel like trashing it. And as remembering is important if we want to move forward, I guess publishing this even with some delay is not a totally meaningless idea 🙂

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#EgyPresElex: a suggestion for a way out of schizophrenic best evil/least pest

The illusion of free choice Egypt, the country of my heart, held its first presidential elections on May 23-24. I’ll skip the frenzy before, during and after the elections, there are tons of articles, tweets, Storify-curations, Facebook reports and pictures. What is interesting for me to address here is the possibility of having to choose between Morsi and Shafik, the « spare tyre » as dubbed by the Times for the former and the felool and former Mubarak best buddy for the latter.

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Publié par le 26 mai 2012 dans Politique


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