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To PhD or not to PhD?

StudyingOk, so here is some quick thought. The other day, I received a nice mail from Nature Staff member asking me whether I’d like to take part to a blogging initiative they had about PhD. I did accept with great pleasure since this was an excellent opportunity to talk about important things and to be read by a huge amount of people. Whether they would agree with what I say or not is not the question. Nobody asked for. To me, the crucial thing was to tell about what people can live through their years as as PhD. My answers are here.

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Novel DNA repair mechanism described

Damaged DNADNA repair is a very interesting field to me even if I didn’t go into for my PhD. I’m still following the news from it though. Here is a summary from a study published in Nature several days ago which describes a novel mechanism for DNA repair.

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Journal club: Papers to read from BMC Bioinfo, PNAS, Science

After several airport adventures because of French air controllers’ strike on Tuesday, September 7, I’m back. Here are a bunch of papers which just came out:

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